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Work of the Year

Once a year, the Toruń District of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers presents the most interesting achievements of its members. The Work of the Year exhibition, due to the exposition time, is also sometimes called the “Spring Salon”. It is the widest cyclical presentation of the Toruń artistic society.

For the first time it was organised in the 60s. Organisers wish to activate the creativity of artists of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers. It is also an opportunity to integrate the group of artists. Recipients, however, have a unique chance to see the latest works of art created in local studios. It is also an opportunity to meet young and talented people, because the youngest are those who compete the most. Sometimes, it is their first public presentation. Rarely, the exhibition presents works of recognised artists. Maybe they do not want to confront themselves with younger colleagues, because the Work of the Year is a contest.

The rivalry takes place always in two sections: the art updates and conservation of monuments. The art updates include painting works, graphics, drawings, sculptures, photography and multimedia works. Only the latest achievements of artists can be submitted to the contest, created between the previous and the current edition of the Work of the Year.

Organiser: the Association of Polish Artists and Designers, the Toruń District.