Water supply and sewerage systems

Toruń is supplied with water by the Toruń Waterworks Company Ltd. (Toruńskie Wodociągi Sp. z o.o.). The Company maintains also the sewerage system and sewage treatment plants. The city is supplied with water from the following intake stations, covering 100% of demand of the city:

  • a surface intake station on the Drwęca river
  • an infiltration intake station in Jedwabno
  • a land intake station in Mała Nieszawka
  • a land intake station in Wrzosy
  • a land intake station in Czerniewice.

>>> The water supply and sewerage emergency (opened 24/7) - phone number: 994
>>> The website of the Waterworks Company: www.wodociagi.torun.com.pl.

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