The advisory bodies of the Mayor of Toruń |

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The advisory bodies of the Mayor of Toruń

  • The Council of Public Benefit of the City of Toruń (RDPP) is, for the most part, responsible for matters related to the cooperation of the city with non-governmental organisations.
  • The Mayor's Council of the Mayor of the City of Toruń gathers the representatives of business, cultural, scientific, sports, charity, and other circles – people who in Toruń are considered authorities in the spheres of their life’s activities, and who, by sharing their wisdom and expertise with the Mayor, contribute to the growth of our city.
  • The Council of Sport in the Toruń Municipal Commune is a consultative unit handling sport-related issues. It was formed in Toruń in 2007.
  • The Council of Seniors of the City of Toruń takes actions to integrate the Toruń social circles of the elderly and to strengthen the participation of seniors in the life of the local community in Toruń.