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By car, by train, by plane

Main roads map

Map of the Kujavian-Pomeranian's main roads

By car:

  • from Warsaw:
    road no. 7 (direction: Gdańsk), before Płońsk turn onto road no. S-10, direction: Bydgoszcz, to Toruń. Distance: 214 km.
  • from Gdańsk:
    A1 Motorway (distance: 152 km)
    road no. 91 (former road no 1), direction: Łódź, to Toruń. Distance: 182 km.

  • from Bydgoszcz:
    road no. 80 (direction: Warszawa, Toruń) to Toruń. Distance: 46 km.
    Toruńska street to road no. S-10, direction: Szczecin, Toruń and road no. S-10 to Toruń. Distance: 51 km.

  • from Poznań:
    road no. 5, direction: Bydgoszcz, in Gniezno turn onto road no. 15, direction: Toruń, to Toruń - via Strzelno, Inowrocław. Distance: 156 km.

  • from Szczecin:
    road no. S-10, direction: Warsaw, to Toruń. Distance: 306 km.

  • from Łódź:
    road no. 91 (former road no 1), direction: Gdańsk, to Toruń. Distance: 169 km.

  • from Olsztyn:
    road no. 15, direction: Toruń, Gniezno, to Toruń. Distance: 175 km.

  • from Wrocław:
    road no. 8 to Oleśnica; road no. 25 to Antonin; road no. 11 to Ostrów Wielkopolski; road no. 25 via Kalisz and Konin to Strzelno and road no. 15 to Toruń. Distance: 287 km.
    road no. 5 to Trzebnica; road no. 15 via Krotoszyn and Jarocin; road no. 11 to Mląskowo and than road no. 15 again (direction: Września, Gniezno), and from Gniezno road no. 15 to Toruń (via Strzelno and Inowrocław). Distance: 285 km.

By train:

By plane:

  • The nearest airport is located in Bydgoszcz (about 50 km). The journey from the airport to Toruń is possible by car or by train. Toruń is likewise accessible from the airports in Gdańsk (the most comfortable journey from the Gdańsk airport - highway A1 to Toruń), Poznań, Warsaw, Łódź, Kraków and Wrocław.