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Największe imprezy i wydarzenia

  • The objective set by organisers of the festival is to popularise the science and art among inhabitants of Toruń and the whole region. The event is actively attended not only by staff of Toruń high schools, but also of local companies and institutions, which present scientific achievements applied by them in their works or activities related to the art. This is the distinctive feature of the Toruń festival among other similar endeavours organised in other academic centres.
  • The idea behind the May festival is to present cultural heritage of all participating Baltic countries. It was organised for the first time in 1994. The previous editions of the event were attended by dozens of professional teams, great artists and musicians from 10 Baltic countries. The idea of the festival was created at the beginning of the 90s when Baltic countries were re-established.
  • The Toruń festival is one of the most significant theatre reviews organised in Poland. It takes place continuously since 1991, and nowadays every two years, alternating with the National Debutant Festivals "Pierwszy Kontakt".
  • The theatre national festival and contest. The first in Poland meetings of theatre debutants – directors and actors. The word debut is taken here literally: as the first stage performance or the first professional theatrical role.
  • The May Poetry Buum is an event presenting artists coming from the independent literary community. It is related to the tradition of poetry meetings which were held at the Od Nowa Club in the the 70s and the early 80s. Stage poetry presentations, meetings with authors, film screenings, concerts, art exhibitions and book fairs take place during the festival.
  • The name of the festival is composed of two words with the same meaning: the Polish "plakat" and English "poster". In this way the international character of the event was emphasised. The role of the festival is to promote young artists involved in poster and graphic creativity as well as revival of the graphics society associated with the graphic design.
  • Toruń is the first Polish city and the one among 400 cities all over the world that participate in the Feast of Music. The event takes place each year on 21 June. Anyone can play. The Feast of Music (Fr. Fête de la Musique) was organised for the first time in 1982. The idea originates from France, but it was quickly "bought" in many other countries.
  • Toruń celebrates its city festival on 24 June – on a day of the St. John the Baptists, the patron of Toruń. His patronage dates back to foundation of the city in the 13th century and construction of the first temple – the St. John’s Church. Nowadays, this church is the Toruń St. Johns’ Cathedral (the Baptist and the Evangelist), and therefore the most important church in the Diocese of Toruń. The monumental structure of the cathedral is the most visible architectural element within the Vistula panorama of Toruń.
  • On summer holiday Saturdays – from the end of June until the end of August – the most beautiful monuments of Toruń host concerts of the “Toruń – Music and Architecture” International Summer Festival. During the festival concerts, primarily the classic music, from the renaissance to the modernity, is played.
  • The first edition of the event was organised in 2007. In July and August evenings (usually on Fridays) the Old City Hall courtyard resounds with various shades of jazz. There are also performers from the border of genres, for whom the improvisation is an essential part of their creativity. Concerts, because of the season, are of the mild, summer character.
  • Bella Skyway Festival
    The festival that consists of installations made primarily of light. Luminous works of art dispersed in various places of the city, projections and interactive presentations are prepared by an international group of artists especially for the presentation in Toruń. Buildings and squares change their shapes and gain a new, previously unknown face thanks to illuminations and projections.
  • The festival is the first such artistic event in Poland and there is no similar event in Europe. It is dedicated to the phenomenon of the film song and ballade in the Polish, European and world cinematography. The aim of the festival is to popularise the most interesting achievements of artists, who gave an individual dimension to this form of the film work and created works that enchant with its artistic value to this day.
  • The festival with the harmonica in the leading role. But if you think that blues or country is played during the event with which the harmonica is most commonly identified, you would be wrong. Organisers want to break this stereotype and show that this is a universal instrument. Among music genres which have appeared so far, are: jazz, rock, folk, avant-garde and even the classical music.
  • The festival presents and popularises the art on billboards, as well as knowledge and exchange of experiences on activities in the public space, iconosphere of the city and visual features of the contemporary culture. The authors of the festival were convinced that the art presented in the public space may be important for the modern people, because it is a perfect resonance medium, which could induce vibrations into a mind of a recipient, disrupt a routine and reveal new traces of reality.
  • Logo Toruń Blues Meeting
    The event always takes place on the second last weekend of November at the Od Nowa Club. It lasts two days, however there were also three-day meetings. On the stage we can see artists representing the electric and acoustic blues, boogie, jump, west coast, blues-rock, country blues, Chicago blues. Habitual guests of the festival may enjoy bands, duos and soloists, veterans and young students of blues.