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Serduszko w kolorze ukraińskiej flagi


Grzegorz Dunecki City Stadium
(Stadion Miejski im. Grzegorza Duneckiego)
(athletics, football)
ul. Bema 23/29

The renovated athletic and football stadium, equipped with comprehensive equipment necessary to hold contests. The running track is laid with "mondo" surface. Stands for shot put as well as the cage for discus and hammer throws are also available, along with multi-directional run-ups for long jumps, high jumps, pole vaults and javelin throw.

The stadium has a full-size football field sized 103 m x 68.5 m. Under the main stands, there are locker rooms for the referees and competitors, including showers, a medical room, deposit and a catering room. The field is licensed by PZPN and the athletic equipment – by the IAAF.

Motoarena Toruń im. Mariana Rosego
(Marian Rose Motoarena Toruń)
ul. Pera Jonssona 7

Opened for use in 2009, the most state-of-the-art speedway stadium in the world. Traditional speedway rink, with granite surface, with a draining system. Length of the rink: 325 metres, length of straight sections: 62 metres, arc radius: 31 metres. Width of the rink: 12 metres, at the arcs: 18 metres. Gradient: 4%, that is 50 cm at straight sections, and at the arcs: 6/7%, that is 110 cm. The rink is surrounded by a 3m-wide rail separating it from the audience. Technical base with 24 independent boxes.

Audience with 15 thousand seats and 3 thousand standing places. First row of the audience – 2 m over the rink. The facility is adapted to the needs of the disabled. Modern catering base (restaurant, six bars, 2 buffets) and sanitary base. Parking for cars and coaches around the facility.