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The "Probaltica" Baltic Countries Music and Art Festival

The idea behind the May festival is to present cultural heritage of all participating Baltic countries. It was organised for the first time in 1994. The previous editions of the event were attended by dozens of professional teams, great artists and musicians from 10 Baltic countries. The idea of the festival was created at the beginning of the 90s when Baltic countries were re-established. Then, it became clear how little people living in these countries know about the culture of their neighbours, despite the geographical proximity. The festival was intended to change this, therefore its subsequent editions include the need of presentation of the cultural heritage of all Baltic countries to the Polish audience.

Organisers are convinced that acquiring knowledge about the unknown culture of countries participating in the festival reduces prejudices and antagonisms between different countries and leads to the mutual understanding and cooperation within the framework of the integrating Europe. This cooperation can be fully observed in the world created by the music and fine arts, between creators and performers, as well as between creators and the audience. The festival proved that despite difficulties in verbal communication, musicians seat together and perform works of composers from various countries, because the music is the universal language.

The "Probaltica" festival was highly praised by the European Commission in Brussels as one of the best ideas for the European integration.

Organisers: the European Art Academy Foundation (Fundacja Europejskiej Akademii Sztuki), the Multicamerata Chamber Ensemble.

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