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Serduszko w kolorze ukraińskiej flagi

Passport, Badge, Compostela

The Kuyavian and Pomeranian Pilgrim Passport
The Passport is a document which is used to confirm the status of pilgrim and receive a series of rights, with the obligation to comply with certain norms. The Passport has a place for stamps collected during journey and dates which confirm finishing various stages of the Way. It also allows to use a network of shelters for pilgrims, and when already in Santiago, it enables to obtain Compostela.

Paszport pielgrzyma, okładka

In 2011, thanks to the initiative of the NCU Faculty of Theology in cooperation with the Marshal Office, the Kuyavian and Pomeranian Pilgrim Passport, which can be taken by people beginning the Way both in Poland and Spain, has been created. It can be obtained in the building of the Faculty of Theology, at ul. Gagarina 37 in Toruń and in Tourist Information at the Old Town Square.

The Kuyavian and Pomeranian Badge of St. James
The Badge is to encourage trekking along the Kuyavian and Pomeranian part of the Way of St. James: from the village of Kaluga near Kurzętnik, to Krzyżownica near Trzemeszno, and it can be earned only within the administrative borders of our region – on foot or by bike.

Kujawsko-Pomorska Odznaka św. Jakuba

The basic prerequisite is completion of 5 foot treks or 5 bicycle trips. Each trekking must be at least 20 km long, and bicycle trip at least 30 km. It was established by the PTTK Municipal Division in Toruń on 1 June 2012, in order to promote the famous European Cultural Route.

Compostela is a document issued by the Catholic Church, which certifies the passage of the Way of St. James, from motives of piety, when the pilgrim walked at least the last 100 km or 200 km by bike or on horseback.


Pilgrim's Office (Oficina del Peregrino), which is located next to the Cathedral of Santiago, is responsible for issuing them. Compostela is a reference to the medieval so-called Cartas probatorias, issued for pilgrims in order to confirm pilgrimage.