Rules for granting |

Rules for granting |


  1. The cities of Toruń and Göttingen have established the Samuel Bogusław Linde Prize and are its sole funders. The prize is awarded annually.
  2. Both cities appoint jury of the prize, which consists of three permanent members from each side and one representative of each city. Each year, the jury selects two winners: one Polish and one German.
  3. The prize is a literary prize. The prize is awarded to the authors whose word creates ideals and values, connecting people, communities and nations in a common conversation. This phrase shall be adopted as a preamble to the diplomas.
  4. Jury decides independently and sovereignly. Its decision shall be final and irrefutable.
  5. The prize may be awarded to authors who have outstanding achievements in the following areas: lyric, prose, drama, essay writing in a general sense, literary criticism, journalism, translation and editing.
  6. The amount of the prize shall be determined by the two cities.
  7. Date and place of presenting the prize shall be determined by both cities.

Selection procedure

  1. Proposals of candidates submitted by the resident of Toruń and Göttingen can be considered by the jury.
  2. The jury must appoint the winners within the deadline established by the two cities.
  3. Deliberations of the jury shall be secret. The decision shall be made public by both cities.

Work of the jury

  1. The jury members are appointed by each of the cities for 4 years. The re-appointment is possible.
  2. The jury consists of eight people, and its members are, with the exception of the two representatives of the cities, irremovable. If a member of the jury withdraws, a new member must be appointed.
  3. As a general rule, the jury is sitting twice a year. It is able to take decisions if at least six members are present. As possible, it shall take its decisions unanimously, however, with at least five votes.
  4. The jury members shall perform their functions honourably. The costs incurred in connection with meetings of the jury shall be borne by the two cities.