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Samuel Bogumił Linde Prize

Since 1996, the city authorities of two friendly cities – Toruń and Göttingen – have been awarding the Samuel Bogumil Linde Prize of Toruń and Göttingen Twin Cities. It is the only Polish-German literary prize awarded to the authors, whose word creates ideals and values, connecting people, communities and nations in a common conversation.

Medal im. S.B. Lindego   

"Samuel Bogumił Linde Prize of Toruń and Göttingen Twin Cities is not, to use not very precise term here, the usual literary prize, which is to honour the lifetime literary output, some part of it, motivated ideologically, by chosen genre or theme, or a specific book. This prize, established in 1996, is a part of phenomenon much broader than literature, it is an element of interpersonal relationships, element of understanding and reconciliation, and finally invocation and confirmation of what is common and indivisible, what connects the Poles and the Germans both in what is concrete and local, as well as universal and infinite, what unites in a common conversation and creative reflection of people, communities, and nations.

Literature is here the medium of humanistic values. This field of art was indicated, because beyond all the boundaries and barriers which it must cross and break, it yet has to overcome the language barrier, only seemingly easy to overcome, and after all it is also a barrier of type of thinking, learning about the world and people, identifying phenomena, indicating own place both in the historical process and perceptible reality, the barrier in which cultural habits and stereotypes resist the most strongly.

Literature is opening to what is different, unknown, but what is not and cannot be foreign, for it is common property, regardless of where and how it is confirmed. There are not two types of awareness of this fact. There is only one, and it is the core of idea which inspired the initiators and founders of the prize.”

Dr Krzysztof Ćwikliński

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