Partner Cities of Toruń |

Partner Cities of Toruń

The Municipal Government of Toruń signed agreements concerning partnership cooperation with 10 cities:

  • Philadelphia / USA
  • Göttingen / Germany
  • Leiden / Holland
  • Hämeenlinna / Finland
  • Kaliningrad / Russia
  • Čadca / Slovakia
  • Swindon / England
  • Łuck (Luzk) / Ukraine
  • Novo Mesto / Slovenia
  • Guilin / China

The decision of establishing partnership relations is made by the City Council of Toruń. Among the cities mentioned above, it is with Göttingen and Leiden that the liveliest cooperation takes place. Contacts with the Slovakian Cadca and the Slovenian Nowe Mesto, the most recent partnership city of Toruń, are also frequent.