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The road system

Toruń is located at the Trans-European Transport Corridor (the so called corridor VI – TINA) from Gdańsk to Cieszyn and then through Slovakia and the Czech Republic to the Balkans. The national road no. 91 (former no. 1), as well as the A1 motorway surrounding Toruń on the East side are the roads within this corridor.

Higways passing through Toruń:

  • A1 (The Amber One Highway): Gdańsk - Toruń - Cieszyn

National roads passing through Toruń:

  • no. 91 (former no. 1): Gdańsk - Toruń - Cieszyn
  • no. S-10: the expressway Szczecin - Toruń - Warszawa
  • no. 15: Wrocław - Toruń - Olsztyn
  • no. 80: Bydgoszcz - Toruń – the "Lubicz" motorway junction

The road system of the city is formed by over 470 kilometres of roads, including over 320 km of communal roads, county roads, voivodeship roads and national roads.

More than 3/4 of the length of roads of Toruń are hardened surface roads – most of them are asphalt roads, some are cobbled with granite setts, cobblestones or have a concrete surface.

There are three main elements distinguished within the city road system: the main road system, other roads within the road system and housing estates roads. The greatest impact on the quality of travelling through the city has of course the main road system, which supports the largest part of the traffic, including also the transit traffic. The most important routes of this road system, are the following:

  • The new road bridge on the Vistula River in Toruń (under construction) together with the Eastern Route and the new course of the national road no. 91 through the city (former no. 1), as well as the reconstruction of the Łódzka street;
  • The Northern Diametral Motorway (Trasa Średnicowa Północna), set out from the Olsztyńska street passes Wschodnia, Grudziądzka, Chełmińska and Okrężna steets up to the Bydgoska Route;
  • The Old Bridge Route (Trasa Staromostowa), set out from the expressway no. 10 (the so called "Kluczyki" Junction) passes the Diametral Motorway of the Podgórze, the Armia Krajowa square, the Józef Piłsudski Bridge and then passes the Northern Diametral Motorway, the Polna street and goes on down to the city limits.

Among other roads of the main road system of the city, the following routes should be mentioned: the Lubicka route – linking the city with the Toruń junction of the A1motorway; Olsztyńska, Skłodowskiej-Curie, Żułkiewskiego and Kościuszki, Grudziądzka streets, Bishop Chrapek square, Chełmińska, Krawszewskiego streets – Hoffamann square – Broniewskiego, Polna and Równinna, Okrężna streets; on the left side of the river, the previously mentioned Łódzka, Andersa (the minor bypass road of the city) and the section of the S-10 expressway surrounding Toruń from the South.

It is worth to know, that all roads in the city are supervised by the Municipal Roads Authority in Toruń. Its tasks include planning, construction, reconstruction, repairs, maintenance and protection of roads and road engineering structures.

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