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The inhabitants

Toruń has the population of 191 679 citizens, 54% of which are women and 46% men.

Graph - percentage of women and men in population:


More boys than girls are born in the city. A slight majority of the number of men over the number of women may be observed in the first four age groups, that is, ages from 0 to 19. In the group of 20-24 year olds, this tendency is reversed.  A distinct majority of women may be observed, which is slight in the two next groups, and then very clear in the remaining age groups.


Graph - comparison of number of women and men in individual age groups:

The above-mentioned data also confirms a comparison between the number of women and men in the case of employment.  In the group of citizens at the pre-productive age, a slight majority of men may be observed. Whereas women predominate in the productive and post-productive ranges.    

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