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Districts and housing estates

There are no districts in Toruń. In accordance with the Polish law, districts are formed in cities with more than 300 thousands inhabitants. Toruń is, however, divided into 24 sections – such division is applied in various types of administrative actions.

The existing division of the city into sections has been established in 2005 by the City Council of Toruń, based on the proposal of the Commission for the verification of official names of sections of the City of Toruń. The division has been accepted by the Minister of Interior and Administration.

The list of official names of sections of the City of Toruń:

  1. Barbarka
  2. Bielany
  3. Bielawy
  4. Bydgoskie Przedmieście
  5. Chełmińskie Przedmieście
  6. Czerniewice
  7. Glinki
  8. Grębocin Nad Strugą
  9. Jakubskie Przedmieście
  10. Kaszczorek
  11. Katarzynka
  12. Koniuchy
  13. Mokre
  14. Na Skarpie
  15. Piaski
  16. Podgórz
  17. Rubinkowo
  18. Rudak
  19. Rybaki
  20. Stare Miasto
  21. Starotoruńskie Przedmieście
  22. Stawki
  23. Winnica
  24. Wrzosy

>>> HERE you can download a table containing descriptions of particular sections of Toruń, (pl).

Another division was applied in forming auxiliary units for the municipality, called in Toruń township councils. For the creation of these councils, thirteen areas, sometimes called also housing estates were distinguished: Podgórz, Stawki, Rudak, Czerniewice, Kaszczorek, Bielawy-Grębocin, Skarpa, Rubinkowo, Jakubskie-Mokre, Wrzosy, Chełmińskie, Staromiejskie, Bydgoskie. The township councils are selected for each of these areas by inhabitants and constitute advisory bodies for the City Council of Toruń, primarily in matters related to these townships. As for administrative actions, however, the division of the city into 24 sections applies.