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Wilam Horzyca Theatre
pl. Teatralny 1, 87-100 Toruń

Professional, institutional drama theatre, with about 5 new performances prepared each year. The theatre shows both classic and modern dramas as well as occasional world premieres. The building of the theatre was built in 1904. Initially it used to be a German scene, but in 1920 it was taken over by a professional Polish team. Its name comes from the post-war director of the scene, one of the best producers and reformers of theatre. The performances of Wilam Horzyca Theatre are shown in many Polish and international festivals. Since 1991, the Wilam Horzyca Theatre has been organizing the International Theatre Festival "Kontakt", which presents performances from the East and West of Europe, also from outside our continent. Since 2010, the international festival takes place every two years, interchangeably with the Polish Début Festival "Pierwszy kontakt".

"Baj Pomorski" Theatre
ul. Piernikarska 9, 87-100 Toruń

Professional, institutional doll and animation theatre. It was established in 1945 in Bydgoszcz, and since 1946 it has been operating in Toruń, in ul. Piernikarska. In 2006, after major renovation and modernization, the theatre gained an original form and modern fittings. The entrance has the shape of a gigantic, wooden, fairy tale wardrobe. The theatre prepares about 5 new performances each year. These are mostly shows for children, but there are also some shows for teenagers and adults. Apart from traditional doll techniques, the performers willingly reach for the most modern advancements of the technology, creating multi-media spectacles. The theatre takes part in many international projects. It is also an organizer of two festivals: International Doll Theatres Festival "Spotkania" and Toruń's Meetings of One-Actor Theatres.

Puppet Theatre "Zaczarowany Świat"
Szosa Chełmińska 226, 87-100 Toruń

A private theatre, whose offer is directed at the youngest spectators, in particular at children in nursery school. It is often the first opportunity to see a scene performance for the youngest children. The most important principle for its creator is – to teach by play.

Performance Theatre "Afisz"

Performance theatre, focusing on entertainment. It creates projects that, by principle, are easy, light and pleasurable for the viewers. The team is made up of professional artists (actors and musicians).