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Orchestras and choirs

Toruń Symphony Orchestra
seat: Artus Court, Rynek Staromiejski 6

The Orchestra was established in the artistic season 1978/1979 as the Toruń Chamber Orchestra. The status of symphonic orchestra was granted to the orchestra in February 2006. The musicians performed in many European countries and even in China. In July 2010 the orchestra accompanied Jose Carreras during his performance on Toruń MotoArena. Currently the artistic group includes 56 persons. The Orchestra includes four smaller artistic groups: Toruń String Quarter, Toruń Brass Quarter, String Quartet of Toruń Symphonic Orchestra and Parlour Orchestra.

Since 1997 the orchestra organises a festival, whose actual name is the International Summer Festival "Europe - Toruń, Music and Architecture". The festival's idea is to perform classical music in historical interiors. The concerts are organised in July and August.


The Chamber Group was established by Henryk Giza in 1991. The chamber players gave a few hundred concerts in Poland and abroad. The group's programme includes the pieces of the world classical music by Bach, F. Haendl, A. Vivaldi, W.A. Mozart., but mostly Polish music of 19th and 20th century composers. 

MultiCamerata is the finder and organiser of "Probaltica" Festival of Music and Art of Baltic Countries. The main idea of the festival is to initiate cooperation, particularly in the field of music and fine arts, and present the cultural heritage of all countries of Baltic Sea basin who take part in the festival.

The "Astrolabium" Choir of Toruń School of Banking

The choir was established in 1999 by Kinga Litowska. The name, associated with the tool used by Nicholas Copernicus in his research underlines the group's connection to Toruń. The group includes over 40 people. They are mostly young people, working professionally, but there are also some scholars and students. The artists added splendour to many occasional events. They were awarded during many international festivals.

The Academy Choir of Nicholas Coprnicus University

The choir was established in 1979, initiated by Bożena Jankowska. It gathers students, graduates and employers of UMK as well as people form beyond the University. Until today, the group has performed a few hundred times in front of Polish and foreign public in a a cappella repertoire. The artistic voyages of the group led through such countries, as: France, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Lithuania, Slovakia, Estonia, Finland and Belarus.

The Choir of Theology Department of UMK "Tibi Domine"

In 1993 a youth choir was established at Maksymilian Maria Kolbe parish in Toruń. In 1996 the existing group was transformed into Toruń Church Choir "Tibi Domine", performing in many towns of Poland and abroad (Austria, Germany, Italy), mostly during liturgy. It was founded by father Wojciech Rychert. The choir's repertoire includes the classical pieces of W.A. Mozart, J.S. Bach, F. Chopin, A. Lotti, F. Liszt, G.P. de Palestrina, G.G. Gorczycki, Van Berchem, P. Łukaszewski and others.

Chamber Group "Portamus Gaudium"

The Latin name means "we bring joy". The choir has been active at Jesuits church since 2007. It was founded by Agnieszka Brzezińska. It gathers several girls, who develop their vocal and instrumental talents. Their singing adds splendour to Sunday liturgy, as well as church and city celebrations. The group's repertoire includes many traditional and contemporary liturgical songs as well as pieces by many composers, in choir arrangement not only in Polish. "Portamus Gaudium" is the active part of Toruń's life, as it participates, e.g. in the Three Kings Holiday's parade and helps to organise the Toruń Evening of Christmas Carols.

"Lutnia" Choir

This group has the longest tradition in Toruń, as "Lutnia" Singing Society was established in 1989. It has both spectacular successes and hard moments in its history. However it also managed to survive and thanks to that we can still listen to its music. Today the choir's repertoire is very diversified. "Lutnia" interprets music of old masters, classical composers and contemporary pieces, both secular and religious, as well as patriotic. Thanks broad repertoire of the group helps them to present their skills during many celebrations, competitions and cultural events.

Toruń Teachers' Choir "Con Anima"

"Con Anima", which means "lively" - this is how sings the teachers' choir established in 1985. It was founded by: Elżbieta Kobytecka, educationalist in the Centre of Teachers' Improvemnet and Józef Sawionek, the then president of ZNP division in Toruń. The first conductor and originator of the name was Roman Grucza. The group adds splendour to sectoral events. Throughout years, the group was given many awards and prizes, performed in many Polish and foreign cities. In its repertoire you will find both sacral and secular songs.