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Cultural centres

Cultural Centre "Artus Court"
Rynek Staromiejski 6

This city institution established in 1995 is an important point on the cultural map of Toruń. Concerts, exhibitions, theatre performances and meetings take place there. Apart from single events, Artus Court Cultural Centre organises also such cycles, as: The World and its Neighborhood (meetings with travellers), Toruń's Culture Academy (meetings with outstanding figures of cultural and intellectual life) Poets and Writers Court. The institution organises also festivals: International Festival FORTE piano, Artus Jazz Festival as well as an every-two-years Satirical-Humorous Drawing Competition "Tuba Satyrica". In the representative building of Artus Court many important city events take place. Among its guests you can mention heads of states, ambassadors, outstanding researchers and artists.

Centre of Contemporary Art "Znaki Czasu"
Wały Gen. W. Sikorskiego 13

The centre, opened in 2008 is one of the newest buildings showing contemporary art in Poland. The modern, intermedia and interdisciplinary form of action, diversified programme, international cooperation, atmosphere friendly for creative leisure makes CSW a place of open discussion on the most important phenomena in art. Exhibitions, seminars, resident programs for artists, publications, education activity and making collections is the way how CSW Znaki Czasu becomes the part of contemporary art circuit.

Toruń Cultural Agenda
ul. Pod Krzywą Wieżą 1

A cultural institution responsible for organisation and co-organisation of city cultural events, in particular the International Festival of Light "Skyway", City Festival, Three Kings Parade, San Fermin. TAK coordinates also the June's Music Feast. The Agenda helps also individual artists and NGOs in cultural activity and organises workshops and educational events.

Students Club of Creative Work " Od Nowa"
ul. Gagarina 37 a

This is one of the most active students club in Poland. Concerts and other smaller or bigger events take place here almost every day. Od Nowa organises festivals: Academic Theatre Meetings Klamra, Jazz Od Nowa Festival, Toruń Blues Meeting, Africa Reggae Festival and May Poetic Boom. Every week Jazz Club concerts take place on the small stage. "Niebieski Kocyk" cinema and Gallery 011 are also parts of the club.

Cultural Centre "Teutonic castle"
ul. Przedzamcze 3

This city institution was established in 2007. Its aim is to organise cultural and tourist events on the territory of the Teutonic castle ruins and its surroundings. The centre organises cultural events, mostly open-air, of historic character, referring to the history of this place. The most important event is the autumn "Medievalia" - a historic festive party, with knights’ tournaments, a fair and lotteries for the audience.

City Cultural Institution "The House of Muses"
ul. Podmurna 1/3

The institution has its departments in three placed in Toruń: in the Old Town at Podmurna street 1/3, on the left side of the river: in Podgórz at Poznańska 52, and in Rudak, at Okólna 169. It organises various events directed to audience in different age: children, youth and adults. At Podmurna street chamber concerts, meetings and lectures take place. The Gallery of Muses and Photo gallery are opened here, which present exhibitions of artists both from Toruń and outside. Branches in Podgórz and Rudak are mostly active in the field of education and workshops, directed mostly do children and youth, however, they organise also family events.

Youth Centre of Culture
ul. Przedzamcze 11/15

The institution, according to its name, directs its offer mostly to young people, mostly students of primary, secondary schools and high school. It helps them to develop talents in fields as music, fine arts, dance, and theatre. Among the groups active in the centre you can mention groups that are famous not only in Toruń, like Dance and Sing Group "Young Toruń" and Studio P, theatre group who raised, among others, Małgorzata Kożuchowska. At MDK you can fins also Information Centre for Youth (CIM), advising young people in such matters as their further education, free time, holidays, job or volunteering opportunities. CIM organises also different trainings for young people.

Voivodeship Centre of Cultural Animation (WOAK)
ul. Szpitalna 8

This institution works in the city, but its activity is voivodeship-wide. WOAK organises many workshops is such fields as pedagogics of playing, children's circus or music. It promotes also young artists by organising Confrontation of Amateur Artistic Activity of the Region (Polish abbrev. KATAR). The contest is organised in such fields, as theatre, film, photography and heavy music. WOAK has also a group of creative seniors, a choir, a brass orchestra, a circus group and a dance theatre.