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The Toruń International Violin Competition

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5th International Karol Lipiński Violin Competition
Toruń 4-13.10.2019

The competition, which is held every three years, was launched in 2007. It is addressed to violinists of all nationalities, who are under 33 years old.

Those who are eager for participating in the competition, shall first send the DVD containing a record of pieces from the list provided in the rules and regulations – this is how the preliminary selection of participants looks like. The proper competition consists of three stages. At the first stage, each of participants prepares a recital, which shall contain: J.S. Bach - Sonata or Partita for violin solo, E. Ysaÿe - Sonata No. 3 or No. 6, Op. 27 and one of the following N. Paganini's or H. Wieniawski's violin capriccios solo: N. Paganini, Op. 1, Np. 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 15, 17, 24 or H. Wieniawski - L'ecole Moderne, Op. 10 (any capriccio). Only 12 participants pass to the second stage and each of them shall perform a recital lasting 40 - 45 minutes. The repertoire selected by the candidate must include, among others, one of Karol Lipiński's compositions. In the finale, there are only 6 musicians. They have six concerts for violin and orchestra to choose. They will be evaluated by the international jury chaired by Prof. Ilya Kaler - the only person to have won Gold Medals at all three of the International Tchaikovsky Competition (Moscow, 1986); the Sibelius (Helsinki, 1985); and the Paganini (Genoa, 1981).

In addition to the financial prizes:

  • First Prize – EUR 20 000 and the Copernicus' Astrolabe
  • Second Prize – EUR 15 000
  • Third Prize – EUR 10 000
  • 3 x Distinction – EUR 2 000

The prize-winners will also receive special prizes such as the concerts held in Poland and abroad.

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