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Feast of Music

Toruń is the first Polish city and the one among 400 cities all over the world that participate in the Feast of Music. The event takes place each year on 21 June. Anyone can play. The Feast of Music (Fr. Fête de la Musique) was organised for the first time in 1982. The idea originates from France, but it was quickly "bought" in many other countries.

Today, the event is an important artistic occasion. Each year music institutions – orchestras, operas, music theatres, schools, but also clubs, cultural centres, NGOs, pubs, cafes and individuals all over the world organise in June free concerts under the theme "Music everywhere, concert nowhere". Cities are then filled with the classic music, jazz, rock, sung poetry, choral music, electro music, ethno, reggae, ska, club music… Everyone can play everywhere. Young and old, amateurs and professionals, solo and in groups, on the streets, sometimes in gates and on special stages, unplugged and using electricity.

In Toruń, there are dozens of music points, particularly at the old town, but the music sounds in many other areas of the city. Walking through the city you can encounter the variety of sounds. Often these are places usually not associated with the music.

Coordinator of the event is the Toruń Cultural Agency.

>>> Website: www.swietomuzyki.pl