Activities related to development of Camino in Toruń and the region |

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Activities related to development of Camino in Toruń and the region

Department of the Way of St. James in the NCU Faculty of Theology
For several years, in the NCU Faculty of Theology, a team of scientists involved in the interdisciplinary study of the phenomenon of the Way of St. James in Europe and Poland, especially in the Kuyavia and Pomerania region, has been working on the so-called Camino Polaco.

In addition to meetings and conferences, publication of the book Camino de Santiago – nie tylko droga (Camino de Santiago – not only the way), undertaken work on the first guide to the Kuyavia and Pomerania section of the Way of St. James, the Faculty of Theology organized two series of general academic lectures on a number of aspects of Camino de Santiago (2010-2012). A particular area of interest is collecting of "Toruń" and "Kuyavian and Pomeranian" traces of pilgrimage to Santiago.

Saturdays on Camino Polaco
In collaboration with the Chopin Centre in Szafarnia, Golub-Dobrzyń Local Tourist Organisation and NCU Graduate Programme, a series of events promoting the Way of St. James in the area of the Kuyavian and Pomeranian region was organized. They mainly include the so-called "Saturdays on Camino Polaco", which attract many residents of Toruń and the region on various sections of the Camino, doing small works refreshing markings of the Way on this occasion. Pilgrims covered the route on foot, by bicycle or on horseback.

So far, three crossings have been organized: from Bachotka to Brodnica, from Szafarnia to Golub-Dobrzyń and from Golub-Dobrzyń to Ciechocin. Organizers plan to reach Toruń in 2013.

12th Festival of Science and Art
As a part of the festival, organized annually by the Nicholas Copernicus University and the City of Toruń, on Saturday 21 April 2012, a group of more than a hundred pilgrims passed the Toruń's section of the Way of St. James leading from the front of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross church in Kaszczorek to the Old Town Square. After a brief historical introduction by Prof. W. Rozynkowski, prayer – blessing of the pilgrims, the trek of the Way began under the direction of Toruń hiking leaders of OM PTTK in Toruń.

At the end, in the Old Town Square, participants and guests watched the historical reconstruction (under supervision of Prof. Roman Czaja) prepared by the NCU students, related to motivations for pilgrimages in the Middle Ages and their realities. The next day, a thematic panel “Why go to Santiago and start... in Toruń”, participated by guests from the Spanish regions of Navarra and Galicia, took place at the NCU Faculty of Theology.